Transcription Services

  • Insurance investigation transcription
  • Law enforcement transcriptionvideo transcription
  • Entertainment industry transcription
  • Market research transcription
  • Video transcription
  • Audio transcription

Scribe Services

Scribes are trained in the following aspects of criminal incident procedure

  • Scribing methodology¬†scribe whiteboard
  • Incident Command decision-making process
  • SMEAC boards
  • ERT/CNT lexicon and tactics
  • Disclosure

Other Services

  • Proofreading / editing.
  • Formatting of large documents, conforming with Crown Counsel MOU – i.e. Warrants, ITOs, Sealing Orders, etc.proofreader
  • Copy typing (i.e. large quantities of police notes)
  • Transfer of VHS tapes to digital formats – insuring original integrity.
  • Creation of stunning PowerPoint presentations.
  • What do you need? Ask us – we can help


We have¬†backgrounds in policing and investigative procedures for over 15 years. Give us a call and let’s see what we can do for you.